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These Monster Mamas and Papas could be you! Book a FREE 15-minute call and let’s chat about how I can help your family sleep!


"I cannot recommend Rebecca enough! She really turned our 7-month-old's sleep around, which drastically improved the sleep of everyone in the family. We started off having to rock our daughter to sleep for naps and each night since she could not self-soothe, and she is now able to fall asleep on her own. Her bedtime is also now hours earlier, and this all changed within less than one week! We could not be more satisfied with the results of her work with our family."

-Jen D., New York

"Rebecca helped us get our almost 3 year old daughter back on track after a summer of traveling. She'd started climbing out of her crib, walking around the house at night, stalling and making us very frustrated at bedtime. Rebecca took all the thinking and troubleshooting out of the process for us because she told my husband and I what we needed to do. Once we got the hang of the plan she gave us the power to trust our instincts, so that when our 2 weeks were up we felt confident to continue without our daily communication. If you are having difficulty with your child's sleep, contact Rebecca. You will not regret it!"

-Carolyn F., New York

“Rebecca really helped us get our act together and help our 2.5 year old learn to sleep in her room alone. It changed our lives for the better and we highly recommend her services.”

-Kristin H., Texas


“Rebecca was the saving grace and the kick in the pants we needed to get our twin girls sleeping through the night. She helped us develop a schedule that gave our days (and LIFE!) the structure we needed. Rebecca supported us through the tough parts of sleep training and encouraged us to remember the big picture and long game. We are so grateful to have worked with her!”

-Lauren T., New York


“Before we started working with Rebecca bedtime was nothing but stress. My 4 year old would need me lay in bed with him until he fell asleep, where I too would fall asleep, and my night would be over at 8pm. After slithering out of his room at around 12 I’d get maybe an hour before he would be in my bed hogging up all the room and stealing my pillow! I tried putting him back into his room, and even set up a mattress for him next to my bed, but nothing worked. Then a friend posted something about Little Monster Sleep Solutions and our lives changed. My goal was to get my son going to bed on his own at a reasonable hour and staying there without me the whole night. Rebecca said this was a totally attainable goal. I was skeptical, but he put himself to bed that first night and things got even better from there. Rebecca was so intuitive, and I felt like she knew my son so well without even meeting him. I was nervous that a rigid sleep plan would traumatize him, but Rebecca’s approach was perfect and gave him confidence in himself. He is so proud of being able to sleep on his own! Rebecca was always available and thoughtfully looked at what was working and what wasn’t to make each step in our plan painless for both my son and I. We are so thankful to Rebecca for helping our family reach our goal!”

-Lauren M., New York

“I am so grateful to Rebecca for helping our son learn to sleep and for drastically improving our family’s quality of life and health! She presented us with options, respected our philosophy and worked within our parenting belief system. Rebecca was always responsive and communicative. The individualized support she provided really helped to ease our worries/concerns and assist us in implementing the plan with fidelity. I would highly recommend Little Monster Sleep Solutions to any family!”

-Margaret B., New York


“I reached out to Rebecca for help with my toddler who was waking several times a night and not settling in his own bed. She helped me implement a gentle sleep training routine which has been really successful for us! He now sleeps through the night in his own bed and has learnt to self settle. Rebecca was really helpful, knowledgeable and listened to what I wanted. She was constantly in contact with me which made it easier to implement and stay on track. Can’t thank her enough!!”

-Simone T., Australia


“Rebecca really knows her stuff! She can help your family start finally sleeping again, and she will work with you on what ever level you are most comfortable with. We wanted to keep things gentle (ie not CIO) and she worked with us to smoothly transition our then 16mo from co-sleeping (an arrangement where neither of us could sleep at all anymore) to sleeping in a crib in his own room. Rebecca always responded promptly to my messages and was very supportive and helpful. Amazingly, he started sleeping completely through the night by the second night into the transition! It’s been a dream come true, pun intended.”

-Morel B., Tennessee


“Rebecca helped me explore solutions to my toddler’s early rising habits. She was a pleasure to work with, and continues to check in and offer support.”

-Jamie M., Michigan


“E and I are feeling so good about being able to sleep through the night. It’s amazing to have time to ourselves every evening! i’m thinking about getting a pedicure tonight after the boys fall asleep! thank you SO SO much for your help. you have changed our lives! E and I have started think/plan about being able to exercise now that we have time to ourselves.”

-Erika G., New York


“We cannot thank you enough for all of your help and support through this process. I was dreading sleep training, hence the long delays, but this went so well, and we credit that to your knowledge, planning, and support.”

-Megan G., Washington


“Rebecca is a lifesaver! She is very professional and helped us every step of the way! She created a very simple and sensitive sleep approach that was perfect for our family. I was afraid of cry it out and she reassured me that everything would be okay. My monster has health issues and she took them into consideration when creating the perfect sleep plan for us! I am beyond grateful for Rebecca and what she has instilled in our home!”

-Jenn B., Georgia

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