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A Word from Little Monster Sleep Solutions

I don't usually say much about politics, especially in business

...but this is more than that.


I try to show my values through my actions instead

...but silence is compliance.


This week, we cry and rage for our Black brothers and sisters in America

...but that should have been happening all along.


Little Monster Sleep Solutions is firmly committed

to equality, protest, and change. 

I urge all the Monster families to join the fight however you can.

You all know I love using books as a tool to help children understand the importance of sleep; right now, I will point out that you can find anti-racist booklists for kids and adults, media guides, and resources for families here, here, here, and so many other places.

My next step is adding more books to my bedtime list featuring families of color, as well as LGBTQIA+ families, and hopefully I can find some that feature both.


Read, learn, grow, donate. We need to sleep but we cannot let this rest.


With love and respect,


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