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About Me


About Me

My name is Rebecca, and I’m a stay-at-home mother to a wild, funny, busy Little Monster. 

For the first year of his life, neither of us slept.  

Little Monster was an alert party baby from the get-go. He pushed out of the nurse’s swaddle at the hospital! At 3 months old, he would kick his feet up and down in the crib to avoid falling asleep. His naps were erratic and short. He was up for hours every night during our 2 week family beach vacation, and it’s safe to say I came home exhausted, traumatized, and not at all relaxed. I was irritable and depressed and felt trapped in a prison of my own design. 

I read books (sort of, I was too tired to process much), I looked at websites, I crossed my fingers and hoped he would just “figure it out”. Nothing worked until I finally enlisted help when he was 12 months old. In 3 days, he was going into his crib awake, sleeping through the night, and off the 4am bottle. After a few weeks, he was napping reliably and well.

Looking back, I can’t believe I didn’t sleep train at 6 months, when the rocking and feeding-to-sleep crutches became clear. These experiences inspired me to become a sleep consultant myself. After 16 weeks of training with the Family Sleep Institute, I became a Certified Child Sleep Consultant. I believe in safe sleep, vaccines, and following the AAP recommendations. My recommendations are heavily research-based with some (safe) anecdotal suggestions thrown in for fun!

Previously, I was a public librarian and branch manager with the New York Public Library for over 12 years. I have a Master of Science in Library and Information Science from the Pratt Institute in New York City, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. When not momming or sleep consulting, I enjoy reading, standup comedy, wandering through the state forests here in Staten Island, and binge-watching ridiculous dating shows (ask me about Love Island UK!). 

Let me help you and your family sleep – I promise that the results are worth the effort! Book a free introductory phone call today!

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